ABC Music Company

"A Better Choice of Music and Amusement"

Houston USA


ABC Music Company offers the very best in coin operated entertainment. We can fulfill all of your vending requirements, from a single gum ball machine to a complete Family Entertainment Center. If you are searching for an established company with proven ability to service your restaurant, family fun center, retail store, or night club  we are here to serve you. ABC Music Company has an excellent reputation for having fast reliable service, capable of supplying all of your coin operated needs.

AMI Music App

AMI Music App has Locator, Playlists, & More

AMI is all about the music, but what good is having a million-song library if you can’t find what you’re looking for? That’s why we packed AMI Music with handy features that help music-lovers get their favorite tunes playing on the jukebox faster than ever.

With the AMI Music App, you can find a jukebox, browse the catalog, and build playlists.

  • The AMI Music mobile app lets patrons find your location
  • Patrons can build playlists and purchase music on your jukebox right from their seat.
  • Available for iPhone or Android
  • AMI jukeboxes are available in various sizes to accommodate your needs.  Learn more


ABC Music offers AMI Jukeboxes with the AMI Music App.

ABC Music offers AMI Jukeboxes with the AMI Music App.